The main reasons why GOLD

1. Diversification of your portfolio

70% Slovaks keep their money in banks and don´t think about maintaining their property in a better form. Is this maintaining of property effective or secure? Definitely no.

You should diversify your financial portfolio and decrease the risk of losing part of your property in the future. It is never a good idea to put all your chances on one card. Gold is a great tool for diversifying your financial portfolio. Successful people divide their property into three thirds:

Financial products | Estate | Gold

2. Gold is store of value throughout the time

Another reason why you should invest one third of your property into gold is that gold is the best existing store of value.
Storing value is best explained on things you can buy in exchange for gold. More than 100 years ago had 1 ounce of gold (31.1g) value of 20 American dollars, for which you could buy handmade suit of top quality.

What you can buy for the original value of suit in dollars today? What you can buy for 20 dollars? Practically nothing

Now take cars as an example. In 1908 there was the first mass-produced car introduced on the market, Ford model T. This car cost 580 American dollars, which was then equal to approx. 42.5 ounces of gold. This quantity of gold has today higher value than 55 000 dollars.

Can you buy quality and luxurious car for 55 000 dollars today? Definitely yes.
Can you buy quality car for 850 dollars? Of course not.
Now you see where the difference is?

3. Money is depreciated throughout the time and loses its purchasing power.

Where would you put your property?

What would you wish to leave your kids? Box full of 100 euro banknotes, value of which will be constantly on the decrease, or box full of golden coins, value of which will be increasing by every year?

We consider it apparent...

Why gold?

Unique benefits of gold


Gold is independent from the government, currencies, rating and other local economic and political factors. It is not independent from „signature“ of the second party. It is not property of any country or community of people and there is only restricted quantity, which makes it so precious.


Gold is a liquid asset. You can turn gold into money from 1h to 24 h max. Gold is universal worldwide currency, which can be sold wherever and whenever globally. Golden coin WF is for instance recognized as global currency.


Gold is way back recognized as precious metal and money. For more than 6000 years has been gold recognized as the most reliable tool for store of value.


You don´t lose money by purchasing gold. You just exchange them for stable, internationally recognized currency, which hedges against crises. Gold has been recognized as currency for more than 5000 years, its value can float for a short time. However, its value is stable or even increases in the long run.


Government and reserve banks set gold as their financial reserve in case of currency, economic or political crisis. Because of similar reasons it´s desirable for ordinary people.

Anonymity and tax allowance

Gold is anonymous, without VAT and income tax-free

Gold IS NOT assigned only for the rich

Many people think that access to the material gold have only rich people. However, it´s not true.

Nothing prevents you from buying 1 gram of gold, value of which is only a few tens of Euros. Thus you can start from really low investments and after some time you can buy more and more.


Why buy and save with us?

We buy gold of the highest quality. Fineness of 24 karat gold coins is 999.9...

Buy gold of top quality

If you buy gold only once in form of gold alloy or gold bars, you will always buy gold of fineness 999.9, which is 24 karat gold. In your saving plan you will save up for the worldwide best-selling and most recognized investment coin, Wiener Philharmoniker coin, which has 24 karats, too, thus its fineness is 999.9

We will ship you purchased gold

Whether you buy gold only once or via saving product, we will always ship it to you for free anywhere in Slovakia. In our saving program you will gain access to the gold when you save up for weight 31.1 g, weight of one Wiener Philharmoniker coin, which will be shipped to you afterwards.

Guaranty of reverse purchase

The company guarantees that purchased gold, either via savings or by single purchase, will be anytime reversely purchased from you. Purchase is fully transparent, for current value London Fix, without any other payments.

You never start from zero when saving

In our saving program you will always estimate your target sum, how many golden coins you want to save. We will calculate the amount of down payment based on current value of these coins, which you will pay and consequently activate your saving account. We will divide the down payment into individual coins so that you will not start from zero.

Free online information about your account

Every client of our company gains an access to his client zone, where he has free balance sheet of purchased gold. Via free online access clients can reach other necessary documents and client´s data, too. Client has all information about his gold and thus has control over it.

Beneficial conditions of gold deposit

Our company offers you very beneficial conditions of storing your purchased gold. After one single purchase you can store your gold for free for one year and consequently you will gain profitably limited client´s fee. In saving program you can store your gold for free after fulfilling some conditions. Your gold is stored in bank deposit with high security.

Coin Wiener Philharmoniker

You buy, save, invest into Wiener Philharmoniker coins, one of European investment gold coins, which have been for five years „world masters“, which means that they are best-selling investment gold coins in the world, thus you can sell them whenever and wherever.

One-time purchase

Saving for everyone

You can get it easily

You define your saving target sum. You can estimate quantity of coins you wish to save up for. We recommend you to benefit from consultations with our co-workers, who will advise you the right target sum you should go for and explain to you the opportunity to purchase packages of savings account agreements.

Saving according to your current options

In saving program there is not defined duty of regular payment. You can save when you want to and how much you want according to your current options. Minimal sum of payment, which will be accepted and used for gold purchase, is 10€. Of course we recommend you to purchase regularly in order to optimize your purchases and reach the averaged cost of your purchase.

We offer you bargain purchase of package contracts

After bargain purchase of saving packages you will gain the opportunity to divide your target sum into smaller savings account agreements. You can earn profitable savings for all your family. You can even get the benefit of single purchase without processing fee and storing your gold in our bank deposits for free.

You have track of your gold under control

Via your online client´s access you have nonstop information about the status of your saving account. After saving for up to 31.1g we will always inform you so that you will have the opportunity to get your gold shipped to you, or you can get it stored in our bank under profitable conditions. You can always track your gold and have it under control.

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